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It is all about the family and memories.

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Portrait Photography
The Portrait photography is a photograph of a person or group of people that captures the personality of the subject.
The Family Portrait is more than just an image. This is a memory of Your Family and happiness for the resto of Your life. The Family Portrait Photography makes a lot of fun for all the Kids and families.

It is not just a photography
There is a lot of a different styles or kinds of the portrait photography. Every each capture the moment of your life. That may be a lifestyle photography or a portraiture of the family or kids. The documentary of your family life, a memory of Your special day or a funny presentation of Your Family to save and capture this moment of your life to show your friends how You looked like some time ago.

The Family Portraits Photography is mostly very deep kind of Art, because it is all about Your Family.
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In my photography I always care about that to catch that second, that moment when You show a happiness of Your family and friends. To make a photo more attractive, I do a little bit of photo retouch. Clean all the photography by the retouching . Just a little bit, because the family portrait photography also should shows Your Family exactly like You are.

Special effects and color grading.
As You know I try to do not just a photography, that is why I always work on my projects from our photo session to make it perfect and get an effects other then typical photography. Very often I use a photo manipulation to add some effects to improve a the way how the photography looks like. I can also change some elements of the background or even all the background if it is not so interesting.
The style of colour grading is also very important. It makes a photography more interesting and catch a people eyes. It is good to have something different that others what makes it more interersting. Some peace of your personal Art

That all I am ready to do for You and our photography. But the most important in that portrait photography is the model, so You are and Your Family.
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